Lap Weaving is a fun, relaxing yet a creative way to spend your idle hours. After lacing a colorful yarn onto the loom in one of the many unique patterns in the pattern book you simply tie the intersections of yarn. Remove the completed pad from the loom and admire the colorful hot pad, doily, coaster or place mat that you have created. You can also combine these pads together to make afghans, baby blankets, stuffed animals and more.

This is the new version of our ORIGINAL Hexagon Love and Money Loom Set created in 1975 by John Alan. The only difference is we are using a stronger material to mold them. Guaranteed against breakage. New patented design to hold the yarn in place while lacing or tying the yarn on the loom This set INCLUDES our Copyrighted INSTRUCTION and PATTERN books, two tying shuttles, one yarn needle plus free shipping and a 60 day money back return policy.The new Hexagon plastic set is shipped in one day. ONLY $49.95 Free shipping.

To my loyal customers; This is to advise you that I am retiring and closing Love and Money Looms at the end of this year (2016). I have been selling these looms since 1975 when I created them. Thanks to you all for all your nice comments and loyalty . Happy Weaving John Alan

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